Thursday, February 26, 2009

Carnival blues

I stepped on the scales this morning... why is it that rest always seems to mean a two kilo gain??? I cooked, and therefore ate, all through Carnival (and drank too). What were my accomplishments? I made two cushion covers, I hemmed two pairs of trousers, I helped load and unload and wash down a laser boat (Rothina), I made the cover for the foot rest, I moved my bedroom around, I took the chest of drawers out of Pedro's room and moved it into my closet, I put the towel shelves into my bathroom and I swept, and dusted, and swept again. Doesn`t look very impressive - oh and I washed and hung out (and brought in - didn't exactly fold it all) three machine loads of washing. Five days holiday! Oh well...

1 comment:

Home Office Mum said...

I suggest next time you have a 'holiday' it involves a sun lounger and a drink with an umbrella in it


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