Friday, October 1, 2010



Well, my favorite time of the year is here - maybe second favorite because I really like summer best :-). Spring is a real pretty time here in Brazil and full of promise, as it should be. We have elections this weekend, not very promising candidates, although they make their usual promises that they don't commit to. It is nature that is full of promise, the trees are sprouting new leaves, mango trees are in bloom and people are generally cheerful with thoughts of the long weekends coming up and the end of the school year, then there is Christmas and New Year to look forward to, not to mention Carnival!! There is always the hope that one can clear up the mess made of the year and start anew. I, for one, am hoping to solve some long term debt issues with the extra money that is always welcome at this time of year. I am also looking forward to making plans, dreaming on, endeavoring to lay the groundwork for future edification. The daylight saving time starts in a couple of weeks and that always is a booster - we lose an hour, but it seems that we gain so much more time in our days.


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Some of my favorite things

  • Excellent food
  • Music
  • Internet
  • Light clothes and flip flops
  • Beaches
  • Dogs
  • Flowers
  • Good books
  • Sunshine
  • Wind in sails