Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, here I am, willing the minutes to go by (and they crawl)getting closer to spending a weekend sailing! I know it will probably rain, but who cares? I am just hoping that DH's mood will improve over the weekend, that would make it perfect. The best thing is that it will be two weekends running - oh bliss! I just need to find out a way of making a little money on the side to help finance this indulgence. The kids are being good, at least two of them are staying behind and shouldn`t cost me a fortune in food at the club and João generally doesn`t break the bank. I don`t know how we are going to get there, though - I have no news from the mechanic, as yet, so we may end up asking for a ride down, which would be quite a good idea (saves on the gas!!!). I am really beginning to wonder whether, given the present credit crunch, we can really afford to keep the boat and all the expenses it entails... It would break my heart if we had to give it up - I can think of lots of things I would more readily give up, but when one lives in a family, I suppose we have to think of other people's comforts too. Part of DH's depression is due to that. Our next adventure will be finding out how to take the Laser down to Angra without incurring in traffic violations - why is it so difficult to find a rack that will support the boat's weight and won't ruin the car roof? I am happy we are going sailing!!!!

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