Monday, December 29, 2008

No man's land

I think this period between Christmas and New Year celebrations could cease to exist, don´t you? I mean, what's the use of going to work for two days - hardly any body else is, at least that is how it feels - the only useful thing I did today was save my boss´s 10000 miles for the year... The kids are at their wits ends as to what to do, if only they would listen to my suggestions! All I have is another long weekend to look forward to(?) and make sure the house is dusted, cleaned, clothes washed, ironed, put away in preparation for the great new year celebration, plus restock the fridge and cupboards with all the goodies and beverages people seem to demand on such an occasion - to me, it seems a whole lot of work for what??
What I would really like is a time away (in Angra, preferably), lazing in the sun and feeling the breeze as we sail - the weather forecast says its going to rain all over New year!!! I don't what is worse - a long weekend at home in the rain, or a sodden holiday in Angra - 2009, please hurry up and get over and done with.

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